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Faculty of Sport

Management of the faculty
Dean: Full Prof. Krasimir Petkov, D.Sc.
Deputy dean: Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.

Inspector:    (02) 4014(215)  
Valentina Mihajlova  (02) 4014(215)  
 (02) 4014(217)  

Departments in this faculty
Theory of sport training Wrestling and Judo Technical and ice sports History and management of sport Football and tennis Heavy athletics, boxing, fencing and sport for all Physiology and biochemistry


The Faculty of Sports is providing education for sport specialists in the field of competitive sports and training of sportsmen ­ male and female ­ of all age groups in 51 sports disciplines and sport related activities: acrobatics, badminton, basketball, baseball, boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, volleyball, rowing, track and field athletics, judo, canoe-kayak, karate-do, kick-boxing, cycling, riding, bodybuilding, curling, swimming, rugby, sambo, triathlon, skiing, snowboard, sports gymnastics, sports shooting, sports dances, sumo, taekuon-do, tennis, table tennis, tourism and mountain climbing, tourism with orientation activities, fencing, football, handball, ice hockey, grass hockey, artistic gymnastics, chess, auto-moto, figure skating, short track etc.
The Bachelors programme requires 4 years of full-time study (8 semesters) and 5 years of part-time study (10 semesters). After passing the State exam the graduates receive a NSA higher school diploma with a professional qualification - coach in the respective sport discipline. On this ground the student can continue his /her studies towards a Masters degree.
The duration of the Masters programme is 3 semesters and entails the defense of a graduation thesis.
Holders of Bachelors or Masters degree can receive the Doctors degree after a 3-year full-time course of study or 4-year part-time course of study on the basis of an individual programme, leading to the defense of a Ph.D. thesis.

The curriculum of the Faculty of Sports and the Faculty of Physical Education includes:

  • Obligatory courses, which provide basic knowledge of the specialty. These courses are: general theoretic (pedagogy, psychology, history of physical culture and sports); social (philosophy, sociology, foreign language); medical- biological (anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry, physiology, sports medicine, hygiene); special (theory and methodology of sports training for each kind of sport and for the different sport disciplines, fundamentals of research, sports management, physiotherapy, track and field athletics, gymnastics, competitive games, rhythmic and dances, etc);
  • Elective courses, which the students are invited to choose according to their personal interests and individual needs (general economic theory, sport for all etc.);
  • Optional courses (Olympic movement, sports for different professions, concentration techniques, nutrition and sport, sports injuries etc).

The duration of the full-time programme is minimum 2 semesters and it entails 760 academic hours or 60 credits.

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