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Deapartment of Football and Tennis

Department leader
Associate Professor Galina Ocheva, Ph.D. int. +359 2 4014232  email:
Football and tennis

Football in NSA - historical notes

1942 In the new Higher school of physical education first teachers of Games were Georgi Petkov and Hristo Haitov.

The first book is written by the first Rector prof. Georgi Karaivanov, who had graduated in Germany and Ivan Gutev, who had graduated the Higher school of physical education in Budapest.

1945 Ventsi Angelov is appointed a teacher of practical subjects (football, hasena, skating).

The following persons are selected for future teachers Dragomir Stoianov volleyball, Dragomir Kirkov basketball, Stoian Petrov football. They are students from the fourth year and are appointed with decision of the Academic Council in 1949.

The first sport games teachers are: Dimitar Pecheniakov from 1942 to 1949 (volleyball), Hristo Haitov (volleyball), Georgi Petkov from 1942 to 1945 (basketball).

Later are appointed Veselin Genkov since 1945 (basketball), Ventslislav Angelov practical disciplines teacher since 1948, Petko Sterev volleyball and hasena teacher since 1951.

The Sport games department is formed in 1948-49.

The first Head of the department is Jivko Filipov and later Ema Geron till 1961. From 1961 Ventsislav Angelov till the division of the department of: a) Football and tennis department, b) Basketball, volleyball, handball department (in the period 1970 - 1972).

The following teachers had worked in the mixed department:

  • Basketball: Veselin Temkov since 1945, Dragomir Kirov 1949, Krastina Giosheva 1955, Vasil Peltekov 1957, Tsvetan Jeliazkov 1971, Kiril Semov 1971, Neicho Neichev 1971.
  • Volleyball: Petko Sterev 1951, Valentin Ankov 1951, Dragomir Stoianov 1952, Anna Krumova 1955, Dimitar Gigov after 1960, Dimitar Zahariev since 1971.
  • Tennis: Tsenko Krachmarski till 1954, Igor Podolski till 1957, Hristo Kutrovski since 1957, Angel Penchev after 1964.
  • Table tennis: habilitated teachers: Liuben Bochev 1957-58, Vladimir Hadjistoianov 1957-58, Angel Kalchev 1958-61, Liubomir Gramchev 1971-72, Ioto Drianovski since 1962, Isaac Coen after 1966, Nikola Aladjov 1992.
  • Handball: Petko Sterev after 1959, Nikola Krastev since 1959, Alexandar Varbanov since 1970, Ivan Kirov.
  • Football: Ventsislav Angelov since 1947, Stoian Metrov since 1949, Nikola Krastev 1955-59, Nikola Aladjov since 1956, Georgi Iankov 1963-70.

After the division of the department are formed the sections Football, Tennis, Table tennis, Rugby, now and other disciplines, which ate united in one department Football and Tennis.

Heads of the Sport Games department have been: Jivko Filipov, Ema Geron, Petko Sterev, Ventsislav Angelov.

Heads of the Football department have been: 1. prof. Ventsislav Angelov, 2. prof. Angel Shishkov (1984 - 1993), 3. prof. Lachezar Dimitrov now.

Stoian Petrov

Ventsislav Angelov

Nikola Aladjov

Niky Krastev

Habilitated teachers: Georgi Pachedjiev till 1956, Stoian Ormandjiev till 1956, Mario Mitev after 1970, Hristo Andonov after 1970.

The first football team of the Higher school of physical education "Georgi Dimitrov" 

The Football club Higher school of physical education Georgi Dimitrov (now NSA) was founded in 1952. Coaches of the football club during the years were: Ventsislav Angelov till 1952, Stoian Petrov till 1956, Nikola Aladjov from 1956 to 1990 intermittently.